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Jan. 12, 2017

Bay Area organization helps underdeveloped countries

A study of a sustainability project by a graduate student leads to helping the people of Africa. Her mission to change their lives is What's Right With Tampa Bay.

Aja Estro started Just One Humanity three years ago to help underdeveloped countries with water shortages.

Nov. 26, 2016

Dunedin woman takes AIM at poverty in Africa

Nisha Mandani is no stranger to helping others. The 51-year-old Dunedin resident has been a special education teacher for more than 20 years, is an active member of the Red Cross, and through the charity she founded, the Our AIM Foundation, she started the award-winning GrandKids and Close2Heart programs, pairing kids with senior citizens to teach today’s youth what it’s like to live with disabilities and infirmities.

April 26, 2012

A heart for seniors

The awards keep piling up for 16-year-old Ishan Mandani and the youth-to-senior outreach programs that he and his family founded.

In December, the state Department of Elder Affairs honored the Mandani family of Dunedin with the 2011 Intergenerational Volunteer Award for their GrandKids and Close2Heart programs, which link youth with seniors in assisted living facilities and hospice centers. The award is given to only one recipient in Florida each year.

Dec. 18, 2010

Gift of time links young and their elders

Chase Mallory could spend every Saturday at the beach or hanging out with friends. Instead, he has spent part of every weekend for six weeks with a man old enough to be his great-grandfather.

Jack Smith, 87, couldn't be happier with the arrangement. Smith stays active at the Allegro East Lake assisted living facility, but after his wife of 64 years died last year, he missed talking with someone. Then Chase came along.

Sept. 22, 2010

Two programs help Pinellas teens, seniors form grand partnership

Some children stare into space when their grandparents offer advice or tell tales of when they were young.

But there's a group of children in north Pinellas County who want to listen to the older generation and go the extra mile by "adopting" area nursing home residents as their "grandparents."

July 24, 2009

Communication can keep seniors from return trip to hospital

Dolores Griffis, a petite 80-year-old woman, leans against her walker as hospital volunteers unpack fresh strawberries and bananas in her apartment kitchen. "If you need anything else, let me know," says Nisha Mandani, an ebullient 44-year-old woman who is putting away the groceries with the help of her teenage son. "If you need milk, any medications, just let me know." Their goal is to keep Griffis, who has cycled in and out of the hospital for years, from going back yet again for reasons that could be avoided.