“Congratulations to Our Aim foundation for building kindness and compassion respect in our youths to recognize that elders deserve respect and love as they are aging, you are helping to build culture of citizenship, service  and responsibility.”

Thomas Scott Tampa City Councilman Dist 5

“Let me say again that I applaud the work that your family is doing for your community. We would like to award Grand kids and close2heart “The Golden Choices Volunteer Awards”  State’s outstanding volunteers for their tireless efforts in support of Florida’s elders.”

ZsaZsa Ingram-Fitzpatrick State of Florida Dept of Elder Affairs

"I have observed the lives of students, parents, and the elderly transform due to these programs”

Dr. Valerie Brimm Director Office of Strategic Partnership

"Thank you for creating this (Grand Kids) Perfect Model,  it is important to reach out to our past and elders and embrace all they have to offer”

Mr. Eggerts Mayor of Dunedin

“The generation Gap between our seniors and our kids, by providing exceptional services to our seniors and  keeping them in touch with our youths,  you are bridging the gap between generations.”

Joseph Caetano Councilman Dist 7

"They (Youths) gained valuable skills and they provided so much support and enjoyment to these folks (Hospice residents) There were tears, there was wisdom passed along, it was a wonderful opportunity for role modeling & them sharing wisdom of the youths with us. Learning new things, we appreciate everything Close to heart does. It was a pleasure & joy working with you all.”

Alicia Lawler Hospice

“It was a great program, I wish it never ended.”

Lavera A resident of Accordia ALF

"You look back to see what the young people like today, all these teenagers were the great kids, very respectful."

Harry A resident of Accordia ALF

"Nisha Mandani knows the power of face to face conversation, physical contact, specially a smile. She worked with Red cross, Boy and girl scouts & Hospice to develop weekly plan for 10 weeks. End of each program senior receives a journal highlighting their time with the teens it also showcases at the things they learned.”

Bay News 9